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The Pink Fund, Facebook Live Series

The Pink Fund provides financial support to help meet basic needs, decrease stress levels, and allow breast cancer patients in active treatment to focus on healing while improving survivorship outcomes. Our 90-day grant program allows us to meet their critical expenses for housing, transportation, utilities, and insurance.


Cancer Talks Interview

The Cancer Story Project aims to bring forth a new conversation about cancer that empowers someone who has it, and the people and community around them, to embrace the cancer journey in a new way.

Woman to Woman Together We Flourish

Woman to Woman Together We Flourish is a series of discussions by experts on topics of women’s empowerment, self-care, self-love, sisterhood, and creativity, to name a few.


SHARE Cancer Support, Meet a Breast Cancer Helpline Volunteer

SHARE is a national nonprofit that supports, educates, and empowers women affected by breast, ovarian, uterine or metastatic breast cancer, with a special focus on medically underserved communities. Our mission is to connect these women with the unique support of survivors and peers, creating a community where no one has to face breast, ovarian, uterine or metastatic breast cancer alone.

Forward Reviews

Published bimonthly, Foreword Reviews is still the only magazine showcasing critical reviews and title trends exclusively from the expanding independent publishing market. Their honest, credible review of Just Diagnosed will reach thousands of readers who are searching for answers on how to navigate their journey through a breast cancer diagnosis.


Merlino & Gonzalez, In a Manor of Speaking

In a Manor of Speaking is a monthly newsletter published by major New York City estate planning and real estate law firm, Merlino & Gonzalez


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