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Just Diagnosed: Breast Cancer started with scores of sticky notes as Arlene Karole began navigating the early stages of her diagnosis. Voluminous research and numerous consultations with doctors and discussions with friends followed, ultimately leading to this book, designed to teach, inspire, and empower. No matter your unique diagnosis, stage of breast cancer, stage of life, or gender (men get breast cancer too!), you have choices regarding your attitude, approach, and health-care decisions.


In Just Diagnosed: Breast Cancer, Karole uses incredible candor, an often-humorous approach, and a great deal of vulnerability to speak to her readers. She provides resources, checklists, and definitions. This book is a road map, a step-by-step guide on what you can expect, what you need to know, and what to do next—from initial diagnosis through the difficult decisions ahead.

Just Diagnosed:
Breast Cancer




PUBLICATION DATE: August 3, 2021

ISBN: 978-1-950892-82-2


In book stores you can find Just Diagnosed in these sections:

• Medical/Oncology, Breast Cancer

• Medical/Disease, Cancer

• Self Help, Motivational/Inspirational

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Driven To Help You

Arlene M. Karole, FACHE, CHCP, CMP, MSA


Quite honestly, this book came about by pure accident. So, in part, I’ve called it my accidental book. But the fact is, I personally don’t believe in pure accidents or chance or luck. Now that’s not saying that while I may be destined to live to age 101, if I choose to walk in front of a bus, well, clearly, I may not make it to 101. The point is, while we do have control of our actions, I believe we are also in the hands of... whatever you want to call it, him, or her—the divine, the universe, or God. There are many wonderful opportunities in life, as well as burdens, that come our way, and they do so in all shapes, sizes, varieties, trials, and challenges. It’s our choice to take what we are given and make something of it. 

In March 2020, while I was attending Mass, there were a couple of lines in a hymn I heard that struck me and made me think of my breast cancer, my breast friends, and those just diagnosed with breast cancer. The lines were these: 


This journey is our destiny. Let no one walk alone. The journey makes us one.  

Breast cancer, I have come to find all these years later, is a lifelong journey, and while my diagnosis was devastating, it is now having gone through it that I am able to share with you my experience in the hope of making yours a little easier. 

And the truth is—while looking back at my first notes typed in June 2015, if I had the chance to go back to March of that year when I was just diagnosed and receive a different diagnosis, one that would change my having to get a mastectomy of my right breast, I would not change a thing. 

This book is my way of paying it forward. This opportunity to do something good with what was to be my destiny, my misfortune, unluckiness, or whatever you want to call it, is truly my honor and privilege. This allows me to share my experiences to give hope and empower you on your journey. 

For that I am full of gratitude.

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What People Are Saying About Just Diagnosed

Both informational and inspirational, this book is the goddess guide to the universe of breast cancer complexity. Few people have the grit and deeply inquisitive and tireless nature of Arlene Karole.
With determination and courage to dig deeper, she’s done the work and relieves the burden of “not knowing what to do.”


This well-organized stepwise guide helps readers prioritize not just their breastcancer-related consults and appointments, but to commit to greater awareness of what changes we can make to enjoy better health than what was “normal” before. "

— Ricki Pollycove, M.D., San Francisco Integrative Gynecology

This book fills an important void in consumer health literature. It takes the science of breast cancer diagnosis and treatment out of the medical journals and streamlines it, making it accessible and
understandable to everyday patients and their loved ones. As you read, you’ll get the sense that Arlene isn’t just dispensing information.


Her approach is deeply human. She’s your friend, your advocate, and, because she’s walked this road before you, your Sherpa.” 

— Steve Dunlop, communications trainer, former anchor and correspondent, Fox and CBS News

As a medical educator Arlene has been a passionate and relentless force in bringing the most up-to-date information to the health-care community. She now brings that same relentless passion to educate
and empower all of us through the breast cancer journey. Her words compel all to trust that inner voice and advocate for health and wellness. Her optimism makes survivorship possible."

— Jean M. Cacciabaudo, MD, FACC; FASNC; medical officer, Peconic Bay Medical Center, Northwell Health; assistant professor of Cardiology at Donald and Barbara Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell

In her own inimitable voice, Arlene Karole issues a deeply personal invitation into a breast cancer sisterhood that none of us choose but all of us cherish. Through wit and wisdom, anecdote and alchemy,
she weaves practical advice, inspirational guidance, and deep caring intended to ease the burden of a breast cancer diagnosis. Arlene accompanies women on their journey as reluctant travelers on a feared
and unknown path, helping them find the gift of deeper meaning along the way."

— Laura Adams, Special Advisor, National Academy of Medicine, Breast Cancer Survivor

Just Diagnosed is a must read for patients who have received a breast cancer diagnosis, as well as one
for their families and caregivers. A brilliant woman with extensive knowledge of a large health system’s intricacies and complexity, Arlene’s inspiring story is one of empowerment, advocacy, and hope."

— Ann C. Lichti, CHCP, FACEHP, Vice President of Outcomes, Accreditation, and Compliance,
PER Physician’s Education Resource, LLC

Arlene has hit this issue head-on and approached what can be a catastrophic event in a woman’s life and turned her personal diagnosis into a testament of victory! So often women faced with breast cancer
feel defeated and hopeless. After all, it’s our breasts, an important part of who we are, and our feminine badge of honor is at stake! Just Diagnosed is the playbook of experience, fear, strength, and tenacity, a guide for all women who have faced breast cancer; may face breast cancer; or who need the confirmation that I can, I will take charge of my life, my breast, and survive! Arlene, I applaud you!"

 — Hallia Baker, CMP, MA, President, The Labor of Love Association, Inc.

Arlene has been a friend and colleague for twenty years; this book reminds me why our friendship has lasted. She is insightful and speaks in a voice we can understand and believe. While supporting her views
with helpful information, she tells a compelling and relatable story that will undoubtedly aid many women in her shoes. While I would expect nothing less from this talented author, I continue to be amazed by her drive, skills, and knowledge. Arlene speaks from the heart; it is our privilege to listen.

— Rick Amari, Columbus Consulting Inc., Founder

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