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Driven To Help You

Arlene M. Karole, FACHE, CHCP, CMP, MSA

Whether it be taking control of a diagnosis of cancer, cardiovascular disease, alzheimer’s, diabetes or any illness, let us empower ourselves, in part, by learning about our illness and examining the lifestyle choices we make on a daily basis that may influence our health in a good or not-so-good way.

Awareness, playing a proactive role, and fully engaging in our day-to-day behaviors and following the path of preventive healthcare is easier to achieve, as opposed to the path of getting better once we have a medical diagnosis. We have choice and control.


There is a major paradigm shift in healthcare happening. We are patients and we are

consumers. We want to live our best lives—taking ownership and responsibility for our health, wellness and well-being—mind, body, spirit and soul—a comprehensive holistic whole-person approach, makes this possible.

Together working with our providers towards patient-centered health care and shared decision-making (SDM) as we educate ourselves along our continuum of care from diagnosis to healing and beyond —WE GOT THIS!


Being your own advocate became a reality for me during my own battle with cancer. For those who are looking for a resource that can help them take control of their diagnosis, I recommend taking advantage of this special offer and reading my recently published book Just Diagnosed: Breast Cancer.


“Just Diagnosed” is a beautifully written guide to patients navigating the breast cancer journey. Patients often feel overwhelmed by the litany of tests and appointments they are faced with after a cancer diagnosis. Arlene Karole does a beautiful job of highlighting how patients can effectively advocate for themselves and play a more active role in treatment decisions alongside their medical team. I would highly recommend “Just Diagnosed” as a resource to all patients undergoing breast cancer treatment.”


- Lauren Cornell, MD, Assistant Professor of Medicine, Robert and Monica Jacoby Center for Breast Health, Director, Medical Grand Rounds, Mayo Clinic


Just Diagnosed: Breast Cancer

In Just Diagnosed: Breast Cancer, Karole uses incredible candor, an often-humorous approach, and a great deal of vulnerability to speak to her readers. She provides resources, checklists, and definitions. This book is a road map, a step-by-step guide on what you can expect, what you need to know, and what to do next—from initial diagnosis through the difficult decisions ahead.

In book stores you can find Just Diagnosed in these sections:

• Medical/Oncology, Breast Cancer

• Medical/Disease, Cancer

• Self Help, Motivational/Inspirational

Save more when buying 10 or more books, call (212) 873-2073 or email



Arlene has written for and been

featured in multiple cancer and wellness

publications, including Memorial Sloan

Kettering’s Bridges magazine and

Northwell Health’s Katz Institute for

Women’s newsletter. She writes a

monthly column in the national Breast

Cancer Wellness Magazine.


Speaker/Patient Advocate

Arlene provides thought leadership,

insight, guidance, and inspiration to

audiences both in person and online.

Check out some of her recent speaking

engagements in the Cancer Talks podcast, SHARE’s education program series, and more. She is a voice for those who need to be heard.



Stay connected on social media! Arlene shares weekly posts on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter including breast cancer and wellness resources, tips and tools, inspiring books and quotes, her latest work, and healthcare executive industry events.

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What People Are Saying About Just Diagnosed


"Both informational and inspirational, this book is the goddess guide to the universe of breast cancer complexity. Few people have the grit and deeply inquisitive and tireless nature of Arlene Karole. With determination and courage to dig deeper, she’s done the work and relieves the burden of “not knowing what to do.” This well-organized stepwise guide helps readers prioritize not just their breast cancer-related consults and appointments, but to commit to greater awareness of what changes we can make to enjoy better health than what was “normal” before."


- Ricki Pollycove, MD, San Francisco Integrative Gynecology

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